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 Introduction to the CCRP

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PostSubject: Introduction to the CCRP   Mon May 09, 2011 7:06 pm

By Gunground;

I am presenting this thread to you today to explain a new group that is forming in our own forums. This group, CCRP, is a ragtag group of players devoted to improving the site and working alongside the staff to provide for a better game experience to all.

The goals of this group are dual purpose

#1: Practical Application: Group projects intended to directly impact the game and forum by collaborative effort. These projects include the construction of the supremacy1914 wiki, the "seeker" project intended on assisting the staff to crack down further on glitch abusers, and last but not least, the volunteered effort to assist players with questions in the forums. There will of course be other projects in the near future, and all projects can be opt out if you wish.

#2: Theoretical Application: There is nothing more powerful than the combined force of the mind. The goal is to provide solutions to common issues with the game, by providing constructive criticism and solutions to provide a fair compromise between the community and the developers.
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Introduction to the CCRP
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